Aufie Zophy

Gold Star - 22,292 Points (18 October 1964)

Aufie Zophy Quotes

  • ''fighting for religion is like
    bulldozing your garden because someone stole a flower''
    religion, garden
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  • ''A man sitting in the seat in front of me
    was reading the paper absorbing all negativity
    missing the absolute beauty of reality''
    reality beauty
  • ''Imagine a man, born with a heart full of kindness
    but it is hidden under a mountain of greed
    He has something within of more worth
    than all gold on earth,
    but he is not rich''
  • ''Every human has within
    love for truth
    love for the good
    love for beauty''
  • ''Soon there will be a huge wisdom revolution
    Soon there will be a huge kindness revolution
    This is now more than a dream of me
    It has become a knowing''
    wisdom, kindness
  • ''very special are moments outside
    when the dark of the night
    gives way to the day's light''
  • ''If we keep one eye on the hereafter
    we have only one eye for the task at hand here and now
    If keep both eyes on the hereafter
    we're walking in complete darkness in the here and now''
    here and now
  • ''Mom, can you help me?
    Sure can!''
  • ''Start believing in world peace today
    a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step
    Getting peace for 8 billion starts with one believer!''
    world peace
  • ''J'aime, donc je suis.
    I love, thus I exist''
    a small correction to Descartes :)

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Best Poem of Aufie Zophy

Little Purple Flower

I am a little purple flower
My petals so extremely small
I 've stood in the grass for many an hour
Enjoying a breeze most of all

But, oh, what happened to my peers!
Just yesterday, it moved me to tears
While the children of John were playing their game
My peers were trampled to death, what a shame

When just before that, some bigger flowers were damaged
The children were scolded badly by John
But when my brothers were ravaged
It was noticed, sadly, by none

Today, however, I had a reason to smile
A nerd, or so he must be
Looked at this ...

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The Disappointed Vulture

One day, a vulture saw a dying hungry child
A meal was in the vulture's mind
The child died and the vulture wanted to eat
But to its own surprise, there was no meat

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