Augustus Gatlin

Augustus Gatlin Poems

1. Just In Love 2/1/2012
2. My Violent Stalker 2/1/2012
3. Ecstatic Freedom 2/1/2012
4. The Eye Of God 2/1/2012
5. Sight Of The Beautiful 2/1/2012
6. Birth Of Ecstasy 2/1/2012
7. Rise Of The Enchanted 2/1/2012
8. Death Of A Dream 2/1/2012
9. The Curse Of The Greedy Gentlemen 2/1/2012
10. Freedom In Its Many Places 2/6/2012
11. Oh Darling, My Love 2/6/2012
12. Eye Of The Matrix 2/8/2012
13. The Path Of Normality 2/21/2012
14. The End Of Us 2/26/2012
15. All The Right Words 5/17/2012
16. Why For The Right Reasons 5/18/2012
17. Confusion 8/2/2012
18. Listening To Hear 8/12/2012
19. The Poet's Return 11/10/2012
20. The Honeymon Phase 11/25/2012
21. The Luck Of A Blessing 11/29/2012
22. Remember Me 5/5/2012
23. Annoyance Of A Family 2/1/2012

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Annoyance Of A Family

1When you part of a family you face your ups and downs, you faces what goes and what comes back around, you face the headaches, heartbreaks, and most importantly the stupid mistakes. You face all of this and more and it always feels as though it is a chore.3But family is the most important thing anyone should adore. Family last for ages, through stone, through sand, family lasts even though a person needs to take a stand. Family is forever, and forever it shall be, no matter what you do, family is always within your destiny.5Family can be joyful as bell, but the one thing family always are, is...

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My Violent Stalker

Violence is like the stalker that you never want to meet. You worry day and night for your inadequate greet, as you spend your life in a zone of safe conscience you realize that is not okay, for as violence can attack at any moment you still try to keep your mind at bay.

Once you are in jeopardy, the experience never leaves you for it is as deadly as mental insanity that feeds on you. You beg for the pain to escape, but linger does it do until it gets its change to finally abolish you.

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