Augustus Hsfel

Rookie (15/05/19XX / Bangladesh)

Biography of Augustus Hsfel

My firt love is writing. Poetery is only second best for me. i never learnt phonics so i donot know how to spell.
if you have read some of my poems, you will know that i have strong opinions about god and life in general. i am an atheist and converted form Islam when i was 12. my inspiration came neither from books nor from people around me. to me it was a simple and obvious fact. i always found the existance of god to be a prardox.
if god is all powerful and created everything, the law of concequence follows that all that has ever happened is a result of gods actions. this implies that there is a lack of any independent entity or action in the universe. this suggests that we are only PARTIALLY resposible for our sins and so are quite undeserving of the punishment that god has in store for us. what is even stranger is the fact that if we follow this line of reasoning, the entity responsible for atleast part of our sins is none other that god himself. so in all fairness, godd deserves to go to hell atleast as much as any of us do.

Augustus Hsfel's Works:

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A Mortal's Request

You the man upstairs,
Spare an ear for my humble prayers:

Grant me neither hell nor heaven
Since, for the pursuit of neither am i driven.

For after an eternity, the gifts of heaven become tantamount
To the ravages of hell and hell becomes heavens equal.
You have only to know to count

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