Aurea Armbruster Poems

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This was written as a personification poem for English. It had to be a fruit or vegetable and I chose a strawberry.

My reddish skin is
Red as an apple.

An Emo Poem

Showing to the world
A smiling face
As my eyes proclaim
A look of grace


My heart broken
My soul devastated
I just wonder off
Alone and hated

Clean Your Room

If you do not have a broom
You cannot clean your room
The trash will soon start piling up
and you will never get a pup

Nobody Cares About Me

Everything near my heart
Has been taken and destroyed
I have nothing left to hold on to
For they have taken everything

Untrue Friends

My friends are my only protection
Against the cruel world outside my door
They will always be there
That is what friends are supposed to do

I Want My Old Life Back

Whatever happened to the simple life
When I was a child
I had no worries
No troubles

What Happened To Us?

Friend…that is what you said to me
On that very day that we met
We promised we would be best friends forever
But now you are nowhere to be found

Will You Take Care Of Me?

Will you always be there
Never to turn your back on me?
People cannot be there always
For they do not care


Flowing softly and gently
Expressing feelings without words
Constantly changing shapes