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1. A Burning 11/28/2011
2. Nicaraguan Sonnet: Growling Monkey Questions 11/28/2011
3. Nicaraguan Sonnet: Christ On The Beach 11/28/2011
4. Managua Ending 11/28/2011
5. Rain Season 11/28/2011
6. Gigante Beach 11/28/2011
7. 3am, Upstairs 11/28/2011
8. How I Got Here 11/28/2011
9. Venerable Lobsang Chunzom 11/28/2011
10. August Tola 11/28/2011
11. Vultures And Fishermen 11/28/2011
12. Expiring Extensions: Health Insurance 11/28/2011
13. People On The Road 11/28/2011
14. Florida Motel 12/3/2011
15. Cruising 12/3/2011
16. Election Night 2008 12/3/2011
17. Saturday Sinner 12/3/2011
18. Green Light 12/3/2011
19. Exit The Player 12/3/2011
20. Morning Primordial 12/3/2011
21. Midnight Songs 12/3/2011
22. Hour Of Fire 3/3/2012

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Nicaraguan Sonnet: Growling Monkey Questions

Are the monkeys called howling or growling?
Cant remember but theyre getting closer to the kitchen.
They dont eat people or pets out prowling?
Probably best to keep all trash in sealed bins.

Was that a scorpion in my shower this morning?
Theyre more scared of you than you are of them.
That one behind microwave is giving me warning.
Morning coffee never seemed so dangerous and grim.

I heard there were black bats in this forest.
that have rabies, syphilis, and the clap.
They nick the wallet of American tourist.
Dont smile at that bird, its all a clever...

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A Burning

It all tastes like funeral ash to me;
exquisite feast set out in banquet hall.
Tonguing down the bile, a bitter dark sea,
A casket'ed table for bearers pall.

It was a long time coming, we sigh sips.
Now we gather 'round plates of dust
Scooping the dry mulch between our lips,
as our gray eyes flicker off the rust.

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