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****wishing He Would Stop The Pain He Is Causing Me ****

I'm tired and sick off there games, how can I be so stupid
they swear they love you
they swear your the only one
but is any off this really true
if I remember correctly I was the one who got hurt
y do they twist it into a huge war
sometimes can't get it out of your mind cuz, it so contagious
but you better believe guys make you go outrages

he gets mad cuz you see her getting his love when he is your
he get mad cuz you really do care
he gets mind and it beyond me
but when he gets mad it not your fault
if he says it is don't believe

you know ...

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im sitting in a world were no one care
my family dont support my choice
cuz of my past im in fear
it seem if some one would lissten it might help
im getting there thank to a freindly stranger whos saving me from hell

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