Aurora Pena

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Biography of Aurora Pena

I am i thirteen year old girl in a Catholic school. I love sports and writing my feelings and things i have on my mind out on a simple piece of paper.
I have experinced a near death experince too many times. I believe that everyone i see i was ment too.
I have four major inspirational people in my life and they are My Tio Edward, My Tia Syvila, My cousin Cindy and My Mother Judi.
I personally write about my emotions and things that have happened to me.
I may not know a lot. but i know enough to write it down and tell you excatly what i am writing and why.
Some of my poems are touching, heartbreaking, emotional, overwhelming and just plain simple. Updates


Everyone has or will have a love.
Love is impossible to advoid.
To advoid it is like trying to advoid death.
Death will always be looking for you.
You try to live life with laughter.
Laughter is what keeps that smile on your face.
That face that everyone says is pretty
What is pretty?
We are all unique

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