Aurora Wells

Rookie (February 7th / Peekskill, NY)

Biography of Aurora Wells

I'm just someone that's been to hell and back and can still manage a smile once in a great while. I do believe my poems will tell more about who I am, deep down... so I guess you'd just have to read if you want to get to know me. People tend to think however they want to, like to judge others, all I have to say to those is don't judge until you can walk a mile in mine... and the whole time ask yourself, 'what would I do? '. Thank you for reading and for constructive comments (keeping in mind I am NOT an accomplished writer, just one that likes to write) . God bless. Updates

The Dead Of Silence

Unsteady quiet, lonely as it sounds,
Avoided like a plague
It’s the dead of silence

One thing said, another’s yell
Fault is really very vague,
In this dead of silence

Watching you walk out

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