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Biography of Autum Foster

I am eighteen years old.
There are many things in life, that I enjoy, such as; motorbikes, reading a good book, art, music, as well as much, much more.
I'm not entirely sure what to put in here, I mean, I know it's supposed to enable you to get an idea of the personality behind the poem, but as for now I don't see how I'm helping haha.
I know I'm young, but please, don't let that cast your judgement on me, I may only be seventeen years in face, and I am still very much a child, but I am also very much an adult, in both moral and heart.
Writing poems, to me, is a passion, a hobby and a confident way to express inner confused and mixed emotions, sometimes, they can help you to solve your inner most termoil, but they can also just deepen the confusion and uncertanty.
I am a very opinionated person, I express my opions where needed and where possible, we were all born different for a reason, so if we just follow someone elses opinion, then surely we are defying the purpose 'God' put us here for?
I'm not a religious person, just a deep thinker. I like to consider every possible angle of something, some say (and they would most likely be right) that I think too much. I'll take nothing at face value. There is always and underlying reason or agenda behind something.
I am an active member of the Socialist Worker Party, we are a revoluntionary party fighting for the working man.
In life, I used to have so many aspirations, to be a lawyer, a SOCO, you name it, I wanted to be it in the last four years, or so, but now, I have finally decided what it is that I want to do, I aspire and intend to gain a doctorate in criminology, then to become a criminal profiler. Providing that fails I aim to be a musician, well I am a musican, but I'd like to take it further.
Musically, I have a very wide spead tase, from classical to punk, from Mozart to The King Blues. I also love The Pet Shop Boys and Alkaline Trio, as well as She Wants Revenge and many others.
I guess the aim of this was tell you a little about myself, I hope I have achieved this, if you would like to know anything about me, please click the [message poet] tab and ask away :)
Thankyou for reading, in the event that you made it all the way to the bottom, I would like to congratulate you :)

Autum Foster's Works:

Great Minds - Vol II - I am what I am Updates

Drunken Mistakes

Friday night soon, what can I say?
I hope he comes, and want's to stay,
Going to get drunk, pass out on the floor,
Give him what he wants, he'll be begging for more,
I want him to kiss me and hold me tight,
I want him to be mine, just for one night,
Glass in my hand, vodka to the brim,
He looks so good through drunked eyes,
So this is what it takes to make him realise?

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