Ave Lilik

Biography of Ave Lilik

' Poetry for me is like the air. What is amazing to me is that when I express myself in my poems, others also breathe different feelings, even life into them. This tendency of poetry to change people’s lives forever simply through a pen, pad and a few choice words is an overwhelming reality for me.'

Lilik grew up as a farmer's daughter and has spent most of her life in Batu, a small farming town in East Java-Indonesia. She loves traveling, writing and reading poems.
As a local English instructor -teaching English as Foreign Language- she has students varied from children, teenagers to adults around East Java. She is also a free-lance interpreter. At the moment, she is again at another stop in her journey- struggling to answer life's never-ending questions.

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Oh Bumble Bee

Oh bumble bee,
do believe me,
need not thee-
of this sun,
it is too hot
it is not real-
it is blinding
it'd burn thee.

Cleveland Park, Washington DC-US
September 20,2005