Aven Black

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Biography of Aven Black

I am a Goth. There is no visible doubt about that.
Yet what others may see or hear in my words are completely up to them.
I can construct or destroy you. Or neither. This would be solely your responsibility. It is in these terms that I think and write. See destruction and tears and you'll find them. See beauty and empathy, and you'll find that aswell.

I have been writing amateurly since 2001. It started as a tool for me for escapism. Soon I grew fond of writing short stories and working on ideas for novels aswell.
Yet throughout all my unfinished projects, the only thing that has remained constantly flowing is my appreciation for beautiful compositions of words. This seems to come to me through poetry the easiest.

I like dark and emotion-driven writing. Hand-held, first person experiences. Often when a poem is in the third person of mine, it seems to be more opinion-based. Yet my opinion is my own, and I never expect others to respect it for it's opinion. The thing is, I see a poem the same way I see a photograph. Some moments in life you choose to like, others you don't.

I don't have much to say about the origins of my writing. They come from very different places in very different times of my own life. But I will say this: everything in life -I have noticed- starts with an idea; the rest is a domino effect of choices.

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Martyr Man And Gimp Girl

In Leather
And a whip-swing cut
They never see her face
They hear a high-heel heel strut

Is the ultimate Seduction

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