Avinash Nair

Veteran Poet - 1,646 Points (19/10/1988)

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Avinash Nair poet

Avinash is one of the most talented poets I have ever known. His heart-touching poems not only reach one’s soul, but his skilful play with words shows his dexterity and his comfort with the English language. Avinash is a philosopher- poet and his deep thinking about the various problems that assail the society which are reflected in his poems. Occasionally he deviates from his concern with the society and writes a romantic poem like ‘The Kiss’. He is not only concerned with his role in the society but his sharp eyes also detect the plight of women and in one of his poems, he has touched the issue of prostitution. The pain of the woman is skilfully etched with words. It is as if he has created a painting with his words. ‘The Storyteller’ is I think the lamentation of his father’s untimely demise and ‘The Smile’ is Avinash at his sardonic best. In his poem, ‘New Year’s Eve’, he has tried to have a positive outlook and asked the reader’s to forge ahead despite the gloom surrounding him. In the ‘Sound of Silence’, he has sensitively drawn the picture of street urchins, who are a familiar sight in Mumbai’s glamour filled world. My heart cries out when I read the ‘Sound of Silence’. In the ‘Parting Ways’ he laments the futility of his passion which is unspent probably due to the fear of society. Read the poems of Avinash Nair and feel the pain, hurt, passion that makes up his personality.
-Laya Bajpai

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Sound Of Silence

Unseen, unheeded strands of existence,
Unheard is their Sound of Silence,
Dark faces smeared with dirt,
With traces of fear and hurt.
That occasional sound,
The audible pain, is the essence
Of their Sound Of Silence.
Lurking in darkness,
Awaiting light,

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