Aya Nasr Quotes

11 September 2018

-I Don't know why i write you this But, Life is too short to Let in what we have to say for special ones..i believe it should reach even in the hardest way. -Don't try to Search for who writing you this if you're curious.. you shouldn't..believe me it's even hard for me that i have no option to know how you think about me when you read this.. hopefully that you don't think that i'm weirdo or retarded. -you're originally nice, you don't fake your kindness. -Too close, and too far. -you have special fragrance, i know when you pass here and there, i feel you before you appear, getting an alert that your soul just passed where i passed.. and smile. -you're the easiest to talk to, the hardest to communicate..but having you around is enough.

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