Ayatullah Nurjati Biography

Art connoisseurs and observers. He was active in the STIBA Jakarta International Plonk theater, and was a literature tutor at the KOPLIK Ciputat Literature and Philosophy Circle Forum, active in various NGOs. He has served as Chair of the Senate of the ABA YPKK-STBA Technocrat 2001-02 and has also served as pimpred of Communicado Press (a forum for young writers) . Finished his study in English Literature in Bachelor degree, and Religious Counseling in Da'wa Faculty. Actively writes in various leading newspapers in Jakarta and the region. had Taught flying at Esa Unggul University and LP3I Karang Tengah For English Subject, TOEFL and Business English for 9 years.5 years in SMK Mutiara Bangsa Tiga for English Subject. Now As A honour Teacher for English Subject at SMKN 13 Jakarta Currently writing a collection of short stories (the edges are iron) and finished Novel (Indonesia) Cinta Cyber--Sastra

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