Ayisha Blevins

Biography of Ayisha Blevins

I am a American Muslim revert. I like animals and writing. I have Welsh, German, Irish-Scottish and Spanish in me. I also had a great uncle who was a pirate. My intrests are mythology, reading, writing, learning about different cultures, Pool, soccer, watching the Fifa world cup, Islam, playing video games on my PS2, cruises, the beach, astoronomy, and travelling. I was inducted into the National Honor society. I graduated high school twice once in 11th grade and once in 12th grade. I was Salutorian in 11th grade. My favorite animal is the wolf. I like helping people and animals. I graduated in the top 50 of my senior class in 2006 out of a class of 200 students. I organized the Senior trip to the Bahamas for 5 days and helped raise the money in 2 months.

Ayisha Blevins's Works:

Silent Stalker

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A Renewed Life

Anger seeps through your veins
And sorrow fills your eyes
Hope slowly begins to fade
Like a criminal's mind.
The sun begins to die
As the dark closes in
The night is forever blackened
Stealing the light.
Fear fills your heart