Ayman Parray

Ayman Parray Poems

41. The Lady Of The Lake 5/30/2015
42. When I Hurt You 5/16/2015
43. Blessings Upon You O Child 5/20/2015
44. Giant (Limerick) 7/27/2015
45. Wolf Bite (Limerick) 8/26/2015
46. Life And Death 11/6/2015
47. Wife Beater (Limerick) 7/11/2015
48. Loneliness 6/13/2015
49. The Beast Within 6/21/2015
50. Politicians (Limerick) 7/19/2015
51. Valhalla 5/12/2015
52. Kelly Kurt (Limerick) 7/30/2015
53. Alone In The Dark 6/3/2015
54. Bottomless Pit 8/26/2015
Best Poem of Ayman Parray

Bottomless Pit

I will stare down into the bottomless pit
Till I see a reflection in it
The abyss never lies
Only deceives the weak, the blind
When the body falls, the soul flies
The mind never dies, but rest it will find
Have I ever helped someone in desperate need?
Was it truly for them or my own greed
Have I ever really sown a good deed to reap in the end
Have I dug my own grave to sleep in the end?

© 2015
All Rights Reserved

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Shield And Sword

You are the shield and the sword
The armor that covers
The love that protects
For a traveler seeking comfort
The shade that soothes
For a blind man stumbling around
The light that guides
You are the hearing, sight and words
One cannot perceive the world without

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