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If you read this you will judge me. That is pretty sad, but reality.

I'm a painter by trade, but when I started flunking chemistry at college last year, I started writing poems to stay awake. Its a good way to capture the feeling in a moment, and to record what happens in life. I am addicted to reading, and my best friend (a real live writer/poet) re-introduced me to poetry at some point during last year. Until I met him, I thought poets were extinct. Now I know better, and enjoy reading and writing poetry. I'm leaving this shithole State University and heading off to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to study painting and writing, so hopefully I can keep the poety going. Wish me luck.

My favorite poets are Gary Snyder, Jim Morrison, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carroll, William Butler Yeats, Nick Flynn, Allen Ginsberg, Gergory Corso, Jack Kerouac, and Henry D. Thoreau (Who wrote poetry before Walden) .

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do writing them. I've got a notebook full, so I try to cull it down to what other people might like also. Most are themed either about human nature, real nature, college, the creative process, or random things that actually happen to me.

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I wish.

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Step One:

On the subject of being alone, I think one should take note of the
heartbeat tempo deep in the ears of those who listen
to silence for silence's sake. They are lucky indeed,
they not only hear it fluxing in the canal, but those
that heed it feel a rush in their thoughts, and a quickening
of pace that moves you to calm your fears and
move on to the next topic. The agenda of every day
is to take it, crumple it into a ball, and make
a perfect hook shot into some unlikely target.

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