Ayotunde Okunowo

Rookie (16th September, / Ogun State, Nigeria)

Biography of Ayotunde Okunowo

Ayotunde Okunowo is a purpose driven, result oriented and a self motivated young man with a high teachability index.

He is a voracious reader, prolific writer, an ardent listener, a passionate leader and a noble public speaker. He has made paper and multimedia presentations across the length and breath of Nigeria with numerous print and electronic interviews.

He is the author of the fast selling book 'Thirty Things You Must Do Before You Are Thirty' A book which was described by TELL Magazine, Nigeria's Foremost Weekly Magazine 'as a book which strikes all notes as a motivational compendium. The book has the honour as to its foreword to be written by the one of the country's respected Ambassador, Late Amb Segun Olusola, mni OFR.

He is a member of Various local and international organisations, a recipient of many awards and he was appointed by African Refugees Foundation as an Honorary Consultant on Peace Education. He is a gentleman per excellence, a lover of Nature, a refined young man, dogged in devotion, amiable in disposition and humble by description.

Ayotunde was recently awarded by the Ogun State Government of Nigeria as an Outstanding Personality in Education by the State Governor.

Above all he is cool, calm, composed, confident, charismatic and collected.

Ayotunde Okunowo's Works:

Thirty Things You Must Do Before You Are Thirty.

Thirty Things You Must Do Before You Are Thirty, is a principle centred approach towards solving the complexities of life. It is a book specifically written for youths, as it is far much easier to mould a child than to bend a man. What the future holds for one depends on what one holds for the future. The book was written over the span of eight years, drawing inferences and references from great individuals who have achieved exceptionally in their field of endeavour. The principles are so designed for those who would have a keen desire for greatness. The book cover grounds on health, financial, moral, social, academic and spiritual lives. The objective of the book, is to put to the consciousness of all youths, that for them to reach the desired heights in life, they must either be running with a vision, going on a mission, or burning with a passion, lest their lives would be reduced to naught.

If you do not have a vision at all, this book would give you one! The principles are fundamental, practical and life changing. Thirty Things You Must Do Before You Are Thirty would ignite the wheel of productivity in your life. Shallow people believe in luck, wise and strong people believe in cause and effect

If you do not want to be a fool at forty, if you have been discouraged by the by non fulfilment of your dreams. If you dream to live in high estates, if you want to live a life of purpose, if you want to die and meet God at home, if you want to be exalted far above common men, if you want to walk tall to your hall of fame, if you want your tombstone to be written in gold and if you want to leave history for mankind to read; THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU

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Heavenly Letter

I received a note from heaven
Written by he who created the earth
That the guards of heaven fell asleep
And a damsel sneaked out of yard

He said the lady was glamorous
Because he made her himself
And not like any other being
Who was made by mere angels

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