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Rookie - 25 Points [Azeem] (13/08/1997 / India)

Az' Versifier Poems

1. The Extreme (Vol.5) 5/27/2012
2. The Unreal (Vol.5) 5/27/2012
3. Darken (Vol.3) 5/27/2012
4. The Next (Vol.3) 5/27/2012
5. Missing (Vol.3) 5/27/2012
6. Defuncted (Vol.3) 5/27/2012
7. The Road Aside (Vol.2) 5/27/2012
8. The Innocent Smile (Vol.2) 5/27/2012
9. Alone (Vol.4) 5/27/2012
10. Not I Want....! (Vol.5) 5/27/2012
11. None (Vol.4) 5/27/2012
12. Exhausted (Vol.5) 5/28/2012
13. The Anonymous (Vol.4) 5/28/2012
14. The Kiss (Vol.4) 5/30/2012
15. The Shadow (Vol.2) 5/31/2012
16. The Chaosing Silent (Vol.4) 6/1/2012
17. Whenever.... (Vol.4) 5/31/2012
18. Dream Girl (Vol.4) 6/1/2012
19. Shivering Whitenery (Vol.1) 6/1/2012
20. Healing Flirt (Vol.5) 6/5/2012
21. My Rhymes (Vol.4) 6/13/2012
22. 'Die Some Another Day' (Vol.2) 6/13/2012
23. A Paradox (Vol.5) 1/14/2013
24. The Love (Vol.6) 1/14/2013
25. Only Shade (Vol.5) 1/15/2013
26. The Pies (Vol.4) 1/25/2016
27. Go To Hell..! ! (Vol.5) 6/20/2012
Best Poem of Az' Versifier

Go To Hell..! ! (Vol.5)

Go to hell, all my feelings, reside,
Go to hell, all the things, beside,
Let my tears be burn with fire,
Go to hell, all my beauty, inside.

Go to hell, all my dreams,
Go to hell, my heart's screams,
Let my mirages be broken tonight,
Go to hell, all sorrow streams.

Go to hell, all my tears,
Go to hell, all my cheers,
Let my happiness be wept at side,
Go to hell, all my fears.

Go to hell, all my brothers,
Go to hell, all thy others,
Be left bereft my soul to die,
Go to hell, all the points absurd.

Go to hell, all ...

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Darken (Vol.3)

Instead of dark all around I see,
Glinting gleam of my glooming glee,
But beyond, the heart is glossing….
Its glimmer darkened if it be!

My heart is thirsty not yours,
My soul's charming queen,
Can't you give me your name?
To which all this things mean!

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