Azizollah Memar Tehrani

Rookie (25 Mar 1938 / Mashhad)

Biography of Azizollah Memar Tehrani

Dear Friends,
My name is Azizollah Memar Tehrani. I am a private English teacher. I have been teaching different text books,
but at present I teach 'New Interchange ' books.
First of all I teach my students love and affection and random kindness.
I teach them to come to class with love.
To listen to their teachers with love.
To study their books with love.
To do their homework with love.
I also teach them quotes told by great men and women.
Quotes like:
Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.'Vipin Sharma'
or 'You are what you eat'
or' Love all, trust a few and do harm to none.
I love God. I love human beings.I love land and sea creatures.
I love nature.In short, I love the whole universe, and I love you.
I believe, people, as far as possible, should live happily on earth.
I am very interested in reading, writing, surfing the net, psychology and poetry.
I have been in different countries such as: USA, Japan, England, Netherlands, Thailand,
Switzerland and Dubai.
One of our poets- Fereydoon Moshiri - says:
' If in a far-off galaxy,
A heart cherishes my momory
One sheer moment in one hundred years,
My heart will beat for it, passionately
for the remaining moments of life.'
I would like to hear from Teachers of English and random friends from all over the world.
I have a sense of humor.

Azizollah Memar Tehrani's Works:

Joseph the Prophet
Japan Travel Guide
English- Persian Conversations Updates

A Rain Of Diamonds

Short article on WATER.
From: Aziz M. Tehrani, (Mashhad, Iran.)

A rain of diamonds,
Recently in a dream I saw the sky was cloudy and it was raining heavily.
Strange solid drops were coming down.An umbrella was over my head.
I stood still with a fear. First I thought they were hail stones. But, strange
to say, they didn't melt at all! I couldn't move a step forward.

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