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41. Mind Your Thoughts 8/2/2012
42. Murder 8/2/2012
43. The Eclipse Is Too Long 8/2/2012
44. Along Came The Spider With The King's Men 8/2/2012
45. Lost But Won 8/2/2012
46. Drapes Crease On My Forehead 8/10/2012
47. Alone But Not Lonely 8/10/2012
48. What Should I Call It? 5/21/2012
49. A Brown Brooding Dove 5/23/2012
50. Cockroaches 5/25/2012
51. Sleeping Beauty 5/26/2012
52. Found And Lost 5/29/2012
53. Injustice 6/2/2012
54. Convince 8/10/2012
55. Lighthouse 8/10/2012
56. Coronation 8/10/2012
57. Holi (A Festival Of Colours) 8/10/2012
58. Man Made Rules 8/10/2012
59. The Wish To Be Free 8/10/2012
60. Bird Bite 8/10/2012
61. Long Live The Dads! 8/10/2012
62. Charcoal 9/8/2015
63. Shattered 9/8/2015
64. True Love Does Exist 8/2/2012
65. You Are No Zeus 6/2/2012
66. Abla Nari 5/22/2012
67. Anger 5/21/2012
68. Adolescence 5/21/2012
69. It Was Understood 5/21/2012
70. Winter's Sun 8/10/2012

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Winter's Sun

There is something about the winter's sun,
That aspires hope after struggle
The wait for tomorrow after
long cold shivering nights;
is the optimism attached
to the winter's sun.

There is something about the winter's sun.
The Florescence of the beaming rays
the calmness of the flowing sunshine:
convinces me about the warmth,
of the winter's sun

There is something about the winter's sun.
The tender hugging of the sunbeams
on the exposed numb body:
confirms about the comfort provided
by the winter's sun

There is something about the...

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What Should I Call It?

Something quivers in my heart
When I see the same name
Which he has…

The drink he drank
That pristine blue florescence
Of that drink
Makes my heart
Skip a beat

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