Azriel Dreams

Rookie (Died in a Fire and reborn as a Reaper / A Town called Passion)

Biography of Azriel Dreams

Azriel Dreams poet

What do you say about yourself? Only this.

This is my outlet and expression. A gift of my articulation through life on my road to its end; Does it end?

Azriel Updates

Unconditional Love

You are my every heartbeat-my greatest Love

The depth of my love for you will never end. You're my lover and my friend.

You are where my troubles end and my hopes and life begins. You not only lift me up to me to touch the sky, but to reach beyond it-to cast away my chains and restrictions.

Nothing seems impossible when you're with me, and that's the way it will always be. My love for you is all I have to give, my support is all I can offer. To make you happy is my only wish.


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