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B.. Alexander Poems

201. Hunger Hill Farm 5/12/2009
202. All These Things It Takes 7/12/2009
203. Dead Invention 12/2/2008
204. Never Happier To Be A Tourist 9/10/2008
205. How I Sleep At Night 7/23/2007
206. Kick In The Balls 7/23/2007
207. Float 7/28/2008
208. I'M Still Waiting... 6/25/2009
209. Cinema Child 6/17/2008
210. June 6/3/2008
211. The One That Got Away 3/7/2008
212. Murder Of Crows 7/16/2014
213. Heavy Rain 10/11/2010
214. Raining In Darlington 5/23/2007
215. A New Beginning 3/27/2007
216. The Reflecting Sea 9/18/2014
217. I Am A Violent Man 5/15/2008
218. No Secret Place 5/23/2008
219. I Belong To The Poems 6/14/2007
220. Down To The Sea 8/22/2008
221. In Conclusion 6/16/2008
222. December Never Ends 12/17/2008
223. Breaking Point 8/29/2008
224. There Is No Heaven 1/18/2008
225. You Must Change Your Life 6/20/2007
226. And The Winner Is... 4/17/2007
227. Adrienne 3/21/2008
228. Backwards 7/5/2007
229. Kicked A Dog To Death 1/5/2009
230. Do Not Throw Your Poems Away 6/8/2008
231. Adultery 7/5/2007
232. An Actor Writes From His Dressing Room... 7/5/2007
233. Act Of War 4/24/2007
234. Broken Vase 5/23/2007
235. A Kiss From A Stranger 1/19/2008
236. Crying In Your Wedding Dress 11/25/2008
Best Poem of B.. Alexander

Crying In Your Wedding Dress

The roads always run wet this time of year
Not with rain - with tears
Crying in your wedding dress
Tearing your hair out

The park was always freezing-over around now
Not with winter - with the pain
Of pulling off your ring
Screaming your lungs out

You wore that dress for 16 hours
You wore it too long
You wore it when you arrived
And you wore it when you woke up
I wore my invisible jacket
My invisible trousers
My invisible smile
All day
On our wedding day

The prototype for this event
The blueprint of this heart-ache
Is ...

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Measurement Of Loss

I've always said I want to understand
But now I'm not so sure of that anymore
What is this thing that happens to us
I really don't think I know at all
There is our measurement, I comprehend
But the actual process just eludes me
One, two, three, twenty-four
The figures we attach to this growing loss
The numbers reflect our weight of longing

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