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B.. Alexander Poems

121. I Saw My Future 11/17/2009
122. Stop Pretending 12/2/2009
123. One More Cup Of Tea 12/8/2009
124. Tunnels 12/8/2009
125. These City Walls 12/14/2009
126. Searching... 12/14/2009
127. Fearful Circle 1/4/2010
128. Ray Of Daylight 1/4/2010
129. The Next Part Of Our Lives 1/18/2010
130. Fall A Little 1/20/2010
131. Calling Wisdom 3/17/2010
132. Exploited 3/18/2010
133. I Will Never Close My Eyes 3/19/2010
134. This Window 3/30/2010
135. This Infinity 5/19/2010
136. Our Home Cannot Be Here 5/28/2010
137. View From Here 6/3/2010
138. The Sea At Night Does Not Rest 6/23/2010
139. A Thousand Muses 7/9/2010
140. G.S.O.H 7/9/2010
141. Sixty Shards Of Photograph 8/11/2010
142. Restless 8/11/2010
143. Taller, Broader, Darker 2/6/2007
144. One Of Us Was Right To Leave 2/6/2007
145. Don'T Look Into Her Eyes 2/6/2007
146. Proof 3/27/2007
147. Kimberly 5/10/2007
148. Echoes For Answers 5/23/2007
149. The Sound Of Wilting Hours 5/23/2007
150. All Doomed Lovers 5/23/2007
151. I Watch As You Become A Woman 5/23/2007
152. Tonight's Mantra 7/5/2007
153. Let's Raise A Glass To Youth 7/5/2007
154. The Madness 7/5/2007
155. Poem Hunter 5/23/2007
156. As We Kissed 7/23/2007
157. Purpose 7/24/2007
158. Reflection No.2 12/7/2007
159. Love On Borrowed Time 12/10/2007
160. Suspicious Of The Sober 12/10/2007
Best Poem of B.. Alexander

Crying In Your Wedding Dress

The roads always run wet this time of year
Not with rain - with tears
Crying in your wedding dress
Tearing your hair out

The park was always freezing-over around now
Not with winter - with the pain
Of pulling off your ring
Screaming your lungs out

You wore that dress for 16 hours
You wore it too long
You wore it when you arrived
And you wore it when you woke up
I wore my invisible jacket
My invisible trousers
My invisible smile
All day
On our wedding day

The prototype for this event
The blueprint of this heart-ache
Is ...

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Growing Up

So once again I'm fighting the duplicity in me
Once again I'm struggling, trying only to see
That if I close my eyes then I'll always have you
A girl that I can love, not just a body to 'do'

No, this year I didn't get to write on my birthday
But it's a blessing, as I've nothing sad to say
I woke up in your arms and wressled you softly
Then we chose a pub and a film to go and see

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