Babalola Augustine Adeola

Rookie - 400 Points [Rev. TNT] (August 26th,1990 / Lagos)

Babalola Augustine Adeola Quotes

  • ''Instead of wishing and waiting for an angel from heaven, why not create one in yourself here on earth.''
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  • ''Let those who promote religion not do it through noise making, violence or war; but through genuine love and selfless service towards those they taggd as sinners.''
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  • ''Complaint takes a lot of energy and most times yield no result. While contributing to the solution takes less energy and yield better result.
    So stop complaining and divert your energy to a meaningful venture''
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  • '''You are not limited until you limit yourself and you are not disabled until you disable yourself'''
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  • ''A man's life is caught between 2 gates. Birth and death.''
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  • ''We are like puzzles, we just have to find where we can fit in and until then, we must not relent in trying out something new.''
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  • ''GOD is our manufacturer He knows the best part to fix into our lives.''
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Best Poem of Babalola Augustine Adeola

Why I Hate You

Oh God, save my soul.
Madness is gradually making himself my pal
no maybe I am the one inviting him.

How did it happen?
words betraying my emotions.
All I know,
she got me.
The queen of the Niger

What attracted me to her?
I can’t say.
Maybe her beauty,
as compared with NAETT,
or her coca-cola figure ‘8’ shape
or her beauty compared,
like that of a fresh palm-fruit.
bathe in the moon
polished in the sun
greased in with the early morning dew
and always caressed by the tears of the sky
at intervals.

Sat at the heart ...

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A Letter To You

As late as my yesterday, i shall celebrate. The father of my today, and grandfather of my future. The dream of my inventions, and John the baptist of our ideas. Carefull, what you do now will marry, your next and give birth to your quote. Watch, for your biography they shall unite. Guide your horse of criticism, as they will give birth to

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