Babatunde Aremu

Gold Star - 4,890 Points [Lawrence]

Babatunde Aremu Poems

121. Letter To My Children 5/27/2014
122. Money 4/8/2013
123. The Song Within Me 8/30/2012
124. At The Front Row 10/3/2012
125. Home Is The Best 10/31/2012
126. When Night Seems Long 11/10/2012
127. Loneliness 11/13/2012
128. And She Died At Last 1/5/2013
129. I Am My Poems 12/6/2012
130. Unrestricted Love 11/19/2012
131. Let Her Live 1/8/2013
132. Peace At Last 1/31/2013
133. Travesty Of Justice 2/1/2013
134. No Need For Envy 6/27/2012
135. Be Good 7/3/2012
136. I Want To Be A Lifeline 5/27/2012
137. I Know What You Know 6/5/2012
138. Life Is A Game 3/12/2012
139. Papa My Original Teacher 4/10/2012
140. Terror In The Land 4/10/2012
141. My Friend Is Gone 4/11/2012
142. Let's Hope Today Remains 4/12/2012
143. Circle Of Promises 8/27/2012
144. Soiled Hands 7/31/2012
145. I Am Colour Blind 4/25/2013
146. Wheel-Barrow Pusher 4/26/2013
147. State Pardon 3/14/2013
148. Emergency 6/5/2013
149. Ladder Of Life 4/12/2013
150. Point Of No Return I 7/16/2013
151. Welcome Rain 11/13/2013
152. I Want To Meet You 11/11/2013
153. Transparent Life 1/24/2014
154. How To Enjoy Life 7/30/2013
155. From Me To You 9/19/2013
156. Abuja: A Paradox 7/17/2014
157. Happy Birthday, Mandela 7/18/2014
158. If You Love Me 7/21/2014
159. Don'T Look Down On Me 7/3/2014
160. Bring Back Our Girls 5/7/2014
Best Poem of Babatunde Aremu

Ink Is My Blood

I am a poet.
There is ink in my blood.
I flow through lines
As a river meandering its course.
My blood is ink,
Ink is my blood.
I give life to the depressed
I flow to educate
I flow to enlighten
I meander to caution
I wriggle to chastise
I correct ills in the lands
I flow beyond borders
I flow through out the world.
My ink flows ceaselessly after my departure
It flows to the land I never tread
My ink is my life.
My ink may look ordinary
But it is a potent force.
My ink does not faint
My ink is my blood
So, enjoy the drops of my...

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Let's Hope Today Remains

Let's hope today never slept
And the sun never set
Let's hope the sky remains bright
And the stars twinkle forever
Let's hope the jubilation continues
And banters are exchanged like currency
Let's hope we speak with a tongue
And the cardinal points are focused
Let's hope this convoy

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