Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer

Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer Poems

1. The African Child 12/16/2012
2. Once Upon A Spinster 12/16/2012
3. The Starry Dreamy Night 2/9/2013
4. Our Songs Of Distress 7/24/2013
5. Scylla (The Song Of Sorrow Of A Distressed Man) 7/24/2013
6. Weep Nigeria Weep 7/27/2013
7. Celestial Invocation 7/27/2013
8. You Are Life And Death To Me 7/27/2013
9. The Birth Of An Angel 7/27/2013
10. The Praying Voice Beside The Osun River 7/27/2013
11. Hide Not Your Face My Son 7/28/2013
12. The Distance Wailing 7/28/2013
13. Hope And Faith 7/29/2013
14. The Ball Of Flame 7/31/2013
15. The Monster And The Empty Promises 8/4/2013
16. The Monster And The Empty Promises (Part 2) 8/4/2013
17. In This Place (For All Nysc Kebbi State 2011 Batch B Members) 8/6/2013
18. The Long Queue 8/17/2013
19. The Traveller And The Bride Seeker 8/27/2013
20. A Lady From The West 8/27/2013
21. The Bricklayer 8/27/2013
22. The Maiden From The East 8/27/2013
23. Waiting For The Ferry 8/30/2013
24. Let Me Sing For You 9/6/2013
25. To The Gallows We March (The Victims Anthem) 9/9/2013
26. Day Unto Day.....Who Is On The Lord's Side? 9/21/2013
27. Singing For Tata Mandela 9/30/2013
28. Wailing Of Pains 10/16/2013
29. Agony Of A Mother 10/16/2013
30. Elegy To The Fallen Yobe Students 2/27/2014
31. The Lost Trees (For The Chibok Girls) 4/13/2017
32. Echoes Of Peace 4/13/2017
33. And There Was Silence (For Eunice Mojisola Elisha Ola Wale) 4/13/2017
34. Capsule Of Joy 4/13/2017
35. The Still Eight Fingered Drummer 4/13/2017
36. Beyond Her Gender (For All Women) 4/13/2017
37. Ejire Okin 10/3/2017
38. Dìgbíndìgbín Ònílọ̀Pá 10/3/2017
39. Flying Abject Masses Across Stormy Desert: Awo 10/3/2017
40. The Enchantress 10/3/2017

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Best Poem of Babatunde Idowu Ebenezer

I Am A Poet

Listen to the words rolling out of my mouth like thunder,
Just pause a moment,
And give a thought to the thoughts,
Oozing out of my mind like fire.
Lend me your ears and I shall sing you lullulabies,
And lull you to a peaceful sleep like a newborn.

Come near me and feel,
The vibration of the lyrics,
Of my heart shattering dirges.
Yes, pass across my way
And the rhymes of my
Drumless songs will not
Make you dance but
Siphon out tears from your eyes like raindrops.

But you say I am no poet.
I ask you 'Who is a poet? '
You say ...

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The Starry Dreamy Night

Infinitely stretch outside
the fields of green
Stalks of corn gloriously
praising the creator.
With the breeze comes a
feeling so serene.
In the distance, growling like
thunder the voice of the

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