Babette Teeth

Babette Teeth Poems

81. My Two Lips Plant A Kiss 10/3/2005
82. What I Used To Be 10/3/2005
83. The Moments Of My Life 10/3/2005
84. The Distain, And The Love 10/3/2005
85. Who Said That From My Teasing Mouth? 10/3/2005
86. The Ugly Form? 10/3/2005
87. I'M Not Lonely 10/5/2005
88. When Poeple Gone 10/5/2005
89. The Image Lingered 10/5/2005
90. Someday 9/10/2005
91. Someday Ii 9/11/2005
92. What Am I To Do With You? 9/14/2005
93. Unplesant Too 9/14/2005
94. Save Your Words 9/14/2005
95. Rewarded 11/23/2005
96. I Spoke Too Much In The Class 11/23/2005
97. Win Your Own Way 11/23/2005
98. With Me You Will Have Fun 11/23/2005
99. Keeping Mysterious While Luring 11/23/2005
100. Who Was The Guy So Intimate With Me And Who'Ll Be? 11/23/2005
101. You'Re An Adult So You Can Console Your Sadness On Your Own 11/23/2005
102. Who Cares About Your Passed 10/1/2005
103. No Cheatings And Hopeless Will Punish Me 10/1/2005
104. Talking To Yourself 9/18/2005
105. Your Loneliness 9/27/2005
106. I Will Pay Sth Back To You 10/8/2005
107. The Real You 10/8/2005
108. Regret 10/11/2005
109. Ode To My Leopard-Spot 10/1/2005
110. The Truth Is That Losers Must Suffer 10/10/2005
111. It's All About Mimi 10/10/2005
112. Olds Looks Pretty Than Most Of The Young 10/21/2005
113. On Your Way 10/23/2005
114. We'Re Unique In Ourselves 10/23/2005
115. Speaking Without Hesitance 9/9/2005
116. Untitled Iii 9/10/2005
117. The Massive-Manly 10/3/2005
118. Lies Out From The Truth 10/3/2005
119. The Form 10/3/2005
120. If You'Re Not Interested 11/25/2005

Comments about Babette Teeth

  • Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler (12/13/2005 12:40:00 PM)

    you are by far the most original poet i've read on this website. you write on some fresh and atypical subjects. nice to see not everybody is trapped in the box.


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  • Necro (The Poetic Necromancer) (10/22/2005 7:09:00 AM)

    You have written a lot, is there a poem which is a bit longer..I like the feeling of swimming deep into long ones..

Best Poem of Babette Teeth

You Can'T Be Me, And I Won'T Be You

I love handsome guys
I appreciate ones I like
I'm decisive and tough
Nobody can change my mind
Your opinions are nothing to me
Your appearance is what I do not like
I didn't wanna change
But don't go on bothering me
I hate it so much

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The Mystery

The mystery that covered my eyes
Above my roof the ceiling upon the sky
Shall I take off some parts and
Only when you stop shitting

And you can see, I will show freely to
The duck, silently
No more hatreds, no more cries
But only if you want to answer me

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