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well, what can i a typical college student; however, i don't conform to the typical stereotype of the modern idea of college students. one can say that i go against the grain when it comes to things that are 'normal' for people my age. the truth is, i believe in having high standards and morals, and believe in never compromising them in order to please someone.

I hold to the Holy Word of God to set the standards in which i so firmly believe. I am what some people would call a 'Bible-thumper'....just to let you know, i take that as a complement! ! I am proud of who and what i am and have become.

my poems are feelings that i have experienced. Poetry, is my sort of 'journal or diary'. i use it as a way to express and release emotions that i feel should not be bottled up.

I really hope you enjoy them...feel free to rate and comment on them! ! i would love to hear what you think! !

also feel free to email me! ! ! im a very friendly person, i like meeting new people, so don't be shy! ! !

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The Hands Of A Carpenter

Being so far from Home,
Having nostalgia grow deeper in my heart,
Longing to no longer be apart.

Desiring to see the precious hands
That have redeemed my wretched soul.

The hands that bore so much pain
The weight of the world,

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