Baby Thomas Mangat

Rookie (Feb 1st / Kerala, India)

Biography of Baby Thomas Mangat

I am here in the States for a few years. Then I may go back to my country or to some other country. I have a masters in social work. I am an unmarried male. I love to visit beautiful places and make hundreds of friends all around the world because I visit this plannet only once. I dont know what is next. Let me love this world and love everybody in this world, because I am here to take part in a feast of brotherhood and dance of love.Allmost every day I write one poem each.

Baby Thomas Mangat's Works:

I have a collection of my own unpublished poems in my own dialect. Updates

My Temptations

Today, sitting alone in my courtyard
Desperately, I realize that I have lost myself
I very well see the wild flowers and bushes
Swinging in the wind around my old house

My great desire to make a coming back
My passion to rediscover myself everywhere
My temptation to cross the boundary of my mortality
All lies in this shattered and broken heart of loneliness

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