Bailey Logan

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Biography of Bailey Logan

I am fifteen years old and in the 11th grade. I started writing poems because I felt like it. No sudden inspirations or cosmic coincidences, just boring old ''Cuz.' Most of my poems are slightly based off of life experience, but it seems as though I tend to write about someone else's experiences more than my own; for lack of a better phrase, I just like to step into someone else's shoes for a while. My personal favorites of mine are 'Gravity, ' 'Mr. Jones, ' 'Ode to a Molten Chocolate Cake, ' 'Where I'm From' and 'The Ultimate Temper Tantrum, ' but that's just me. Updates

Get Over It

I broke up with you
three months ago
last monday

but yet you say
that you still love me
and you continue to make me pay

and because I thought you deserved

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