Bailey Logan

Rookie (4/15/92)

Bailey Logan Poems

1. The Ultimate Temper Tantrum 3/1/2007
2. The Rhythm Behind The Wheel 3/1/2007
3. Get Over It 3/1/2007
4. Allergic To Work 3/1/2007
5. The Newest Ride 3/1/2007
6. Why Couldn'T I Wait? 3/2/2007
7. Fame 3/2/2007
8. Why Are You Leaving? (Porque Te Vayas) 3/7/2007
9. Where I'M From 3/23/2007
10. Dream Of Contradiction 4/27/2007
11. Infinity 5/9/2007
12. Filth And Scum 5/9/2007
13. Determination Is A Train 5/9/2007
14. Criticism Of A Religion 5/9/2007
15. John And Jack 5/9/2007
16. Woes Of A Witch 5/9/2007
17. Chica Rocks 3/3/2007
18. Life Went On 5/9/2007
19. Utopia 5/9/2007
20. Call 5/9/2007
21. Blind 5/15/2007
22. Addict 7/10/2007
23. Ode To A Molten Chocolate Cake 8/31/2007
24. The Road Was Slick 1/17/2008
25. Secret 3/2/2007
26. I Can No Longer Stand... 3/2/2007
27. Pablo The Pirate (Pablo El Pirata) 3/7/2007
28. Gravity 9/1/2007
29. Mr.Jones 5/9/2007
30. Devil's Advocate 5/9/2007
31. Never Again 5/9/2007
32. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 3/2/2007

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Best Poem of Bailey Logan

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He loves me,
he loves me not

Like a fairy tale
a flower pedal
represents love,
but of course

He loves me,
he loves me not

There is no
I'm not sure's
or I like you, but's
just seven little words

He loves me,
He loves me not

There are no other girls
no jelousy or pain
no arguments, no humiliation
it all falls into

He loves me,
He loves me not

But what if...
it doesn't exist
if love is truly such a fairy tale
then explain this:

He loves me,
He loves me not
He loves me,
He loves...

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Why Couldn'T I Wait?

How close you were to me
I knew I had but a chance
I couldn't try to soon or late
First I needed a sign or maybe even a glance

But I couldn't wait any more
then I asked and juggled my fate
I wonder now why oh why
i just couldn't, just couldn't wait

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