Bailey Schatte

Rookie - 4 Points (09-08-1997)

Bailey Schatte Poems

1. Hatred 3/6/2012
2. Hope 3/6/2012
3. Dangerously In Love 3/7/2012
4. Always And Forever 3/11/2012
5. A Perfect World 3/14/2012
6. The Feeling Beyond Feelings 3/20/2012
7. On The Ballroom Floor 3/20/2012
8. Wallowing In Self Pity 3/28/2012
9. The Clues Of A Guy's Love 4/2/2012
10. That One Person 4/2/2012
11. In A Room With Death 4/20/2012
12. True Happiness 12/10/2012
13. A Moon Lit Night 1/18/2013
14. A Life Story 1/18/2013
15. At My Limit 1/18/2013
16. A Blind Eye 1/18/2013
17. There It Goes 1/18/2013
18. The Unknown Woman 1/18/2013
19. The Coming 1/18/2013
20. The Blood Of The Innocent 1/18/2013
21. I Can'T Go On 1/18/2013
22. Justice Lacks In The Back Of The Bus 1/18/2013
23. A Field Of Confusion 1/18/2013
24. Father's Child 1/19/2013
25. Reality 1/19/2013
26. A Path Lead By Fate 1/19/2013
27. The Outcome 1/19/2013
28. Life Is A Mysterious Thing 1/30/2013
29. Recovery 2/1/2013
30. Depression 2/11/2013
31. Resolving With That Of Only A Memory 3/4/2013
32. Life 3/6/2013
33. The Path In Which We Walk 3/8/2013
34. A Glimpse Of What Could Be 3/10/2013
35. Imprisoned 4/4/2013
36. Never Get Too Attached 3/6/2012
Best Poem of Bailey Schatte

Never Get Too Attached

Never get to attached with someone in life
it always ends in
And agony.

You give your heart away
Just for it to be
Ripped in half
And handed back to you.

The person you want most will never want you most.
The person you want the most will
Break you
Hurt you
And kill you if you let them.

Life is meant to be lived alone.
No weaknesses
Or problems to deal with that way.

When you've hit rock bottom
You will realize everything I am saying is true. ...

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Dangerously In Love

As he looked into her eyes for the first time he saw nothing but love, he knew he wanted to be with her and he knew he couldn't hold back. He did everything he could to try to get her to notice him and it worked. They talked and talked and soon became close, very close. They started to go out and fall deeper in love every day, but one day, half a y

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