Bailey Staggs

Rookie (December 2,1975 / Puyallup, WA)

Biography of Bailey Staggs

I'm a single mom, who loves to write. After going through a divorce of unimaginable circumstance, then ending a relationship with an amazing man, who was locked up, the rhymes kept coming and coming...almost without stop. I found inspiration through writing, and it has helped with the healing process of both situations. Many of my life circumstances are mentioned through my writings, and I only can hope that they will help others who know love and loss, pain and hurt, happiness and sadness! Healing is a process, but always remember, you are not alone! Updates


Sometimes, she lies awake, with life on her mind
Never knowing day to day, what lies ahead, what she might find
Some days she's happy, some days depressed
Some days she wonders, is it worth it to finish the rest
Sometimes, she asks herself, does she regret it all
As she tries to answer the question, "How did I fall? "
Sometimes she feels like throwing it all in
Because she cannot figure out how start over again
She lays alone, walls begin to build

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