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  • ''Action begins where true emotion and intentions are there. When you think, speak, talk, act and experience an emotion is created. This emotion decides your intention. Until you speak, write, talk people won't know your intention. And the moment people know your intention an emotion is created in them and that emotion let them work accordingly. What had happened, what's happening and what'll happen it all depends on three things - emotion, intention and action. When somebody makes a speech or post a comment then they let us know their intention. The knowledge of their intention will make you respond with your thoughts, generate emotion and finally you achieve perception. Your action will be based on this perception. So, you can't ignore any of them.''
    Bakuli Bhakali
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  • ''The tramp we meet in railway station
    Bazar or roadsides
    Was not poor
    He's just needy
    But we're poor
    And perhaps greedy too
    In spite of having everything
    We couldn't offer him anything.''
    bakuli bhakali
  • ''Poetry is the wild weeds
    Grown, from unsown seeds
    It's not just what you read in books
    Not always as it looks
    It's a scratch out of rage
    On a blank page
    It's the lament of a wrecked heart
    Expressed when our mind was not alert
    You don't need letters to lament
    Books to comment
    What you need is an unprejudiced empty mind
    And a heart, that's kind"''
    bakuli bhakali
  • ''Your innocence accompanies you until you're ignorant
    And the day you're wise you become wicked too''
    bakuli bhakali
  • ''If I don't respond to your call I'm either asleep or lost
    So, don't disturb me, you idiot!
    You know not how hard it is to forget oneself when you're awake or alive''
    bakuli bhakali
  • ''You'll have stories to narrate until you're alive
    The day you go out of stories! You simply die!
    So, good or bad
    Happy one or sad one
    Every time you'll be in need of a story
    Just to realize you're alive!''
    bakuli bhakali
  • ''Every time you've got a story to tell
    You'll need a good listener
    If you don't have one your story has no significance at all!''
    bakuli bhakali
  • ''I can't be a part of social gathering! That doesn't mean I'm not social. I just enjoy being myself rather than seeing me as they want to.''
    Bakuli Bhakali
  • ''My thoughts look so familiar that sometimes I'm just confused between my thoughts and my memories. It may be because my thoughts are the creation of my memories. Or my memories are saved as I think.''
    Bakuli Bhakali
  • ''Writing a poem is always pleasant! Except the harsh one that comes red. Yet, it's too alive to murder.''
    Bakuli Bhakali

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When People Die

How people actually feel when they die? ?
Where do they go? what do they do?
I want to know
but how?
If I die I won't be able to come back and say
Strange isn't it?

But everybody dies
some early in the morning
some when the evening is beginning
some after a joyful day
some with thousand debts to pay
some make millions cry
and some with none to say good bye!

But my friend!
how we die
that's none others' choice
but we do.
If you want to die a thousand's death then live for others
say our fathers.
Or die with none to ...

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The young girl next door
Isn't happy.
As her dear Dad didn't get a new toy,
Although she had many to play with.
But the boy sitting on the floor
Of the temple seems happy
With no toy
But a stray dog to play with.

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