Ballerina With Fins

Ballerina With Fins Poems

41. Poetry Ii. 5/8/2006
42. Answers 7/2/2006
43. A Vision; An Island Of Cactuses 5/4/2006
44. 9/11 5/13/2006
45. And All That Jazz 6/19/2006
46. Mathematics 6/27/2006
47. Day In The Life 6/23/2006
48. Anonymous 8/16/2006
49. Red Apples And Scarlet Blouses 7/6/2006
50. Childish Curiosity 3/9/2006
51. Question; 5/12/2006
52. Waxed Dreams 3/13/2006
53. Fascination 5/19/2006
54. And I Wonder 5/20/2006
55. Poemhunter 5/24/2006
56. A Wedding 5/26/2006
57. Filtering Darkness 6/25/2006
58. Gosh, Madam (I Said Nothing) 5/27/2006
59. Beware. 5/7/2006
60. Middle-Aged Couple 5/13/2006
61. Progress (A Concrete Jungle) 3/10/2006
62. All The World's A Stage 5/22/2006
63. Absent Friends 5/18/2006
64. A Clown's Kiss 6/24/2006
65. Mother 10/17/2005
66. Brutal Love 10/12/2005
67. Poetry! 3/17/2006
68. The Hollow Girl 10/13/2005

Comments about Ballerina With Fins

  • Mandy Seah (5/24/2006 7:23:00 AM)

    Her style resembles E.E.Cummings-the flexibility with vocabulary and the art in her description.

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  • qwe rty (5/14/2006 3:50:00 AM)

    a varied and clever, insightful, deep thinking, word twisting, caring i could go on all day.
    this is a poet who write whats she means
    check her poems out if you haven't already

  • K. Jared Hosein K. Jared Hosein (3/25/2006 11:45:00 AM)

    The work of Ballerina With Fins, a pseudonym with the abstract beauty that fits the writings and disposition of this artist, has had a wondrous effect on me in her views of contemporary society and the people and ideas and emotions contained within it. She does this with a strange viscosity that fits the themes of her poems. Read her poem, 'Poetry! ' and see what I mean.

    - K.

Best Poem of Ballerina With Fins

The Hollow Girl

She, under her
Big smile stows
the unhappy memories
she wants to be
the perfect happy
person in
this world and

everyone would love
Her and she
herself, she kids
herself of what
she really

is And she is
the empty shell
waiting to be filled

And she is
the little los t orphan
waiting to be found

And she is
the blank book
waiting to be written in

and she is

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Life is a freak show
and we are all freaks.

Mother i listen and i'm
crying out for you to
be proud of me
but no
i am too short?
or too tall? or too insolent or too quiet for your

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