Balogun Segun Gbenga

Rookie - 4 Points [Segashu] (7th June,1988. / Epe, Lagos.)

Balogun Segun Gbenga Poems

1. Man Has Failed 9/30/2013
2. Because Of You 10/7/2013
3. An Angel I See 10/23/2013
4. I Am 'Myself' 10/23/2013
5. Praise Jah With Me 10/23/2013
6. Life Of My Own, When? 10/12/2013
7. Two Virgin Hearts 10/30/2013
8. A New Leaf 10/30/2013
9. Broken Heart Will Mend 11/7/2013
10. Jehovah Provides Escape 11/7/2013
11. Love Is What We Feel 11/13/2013
12. Draw Close To God 11/13/2013
13. Thank You Our Families 1/26/2014
14. Be My Guest 1/26/2014
15. Forever Be A Pride 2/2/2014
16. Come, Be Refreshed 2/2/2014
17. Happy Biochemistry Week 2/2/2014
18. Forever Live In Memory 2/2/2014
19. No Pain, No Gain 11/13/2013
20. Jehovah Is My Refuge 10/30/2013
21. I Follow My Dreams 11/7/2013
Best Poem of Balogun Segun Gbenga

I Follow My Dreams

I get laughed at, I get ignored,
I often feel trapped and keep my thoughts stored.
People can be cruel and very mean,
but no matter what, I follow my dreams

Life has waves, I know that.
But I stand brave and just take the crap.
I may feel exhausted and totally creamed,
but no matter what, I follow my dreams

I fall, even falter many times.
Tears flows as I got crushed without a dime.
I may lose my way and find it in many days
but no matter what, I follow my dreams

Life course is rugged and rough.
Focus and determination is required to be ...

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Man Has Failed

Listen to the conspiracy flying in the air and the lies filled the atmosphere

Foot steps of literacy they claimed to follow when no certainty about our tommorrow

And legacy of philosophers never depart their mouth while we know destruction is the path

Man continue to be wise in his own eyes, not admitting God to be very high

Their blasphemy they do not feign displaying ignorance that God does not reign

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