BalSage Vost

Rookie (4/14/91 / Houston)

Biography of BalSage Vost

I am a very opinionated person but i know when to keep my mouth closed. I'm a father, musician, and artist. My wife Lizz and son Shaun are what keep me going for the long run and enjoy evry minute of their company. Also i'm a adventurious traveler who can fine fun in just taking a ride to different part of town. I love most type of music, mostly harder music, and my primary weapon are drums. I have been playng for only three years but have learned most of the skills. Nature and the human form are the most popular things for me to draw, when i have the time. Updates


questions for the unspeakable and no aswers for the talker
roads for the cripled one and prison for the walker
heart ache for the sensitive and love for the callous
and just a wonder land for a girl named alice

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