BalSage Vost

Rookie (4/14/91 / Houston)

Biography of BalSage Vost

I am a very opinionated person but i know when to keep my mouth closed. I'm a father, musician, and artist. My wife Lizz and son Shaun are what keep me going for the long run and enjoy evry minute of their company. Also i'm a adventurious traveler who can fine fun in just taking a ride to different part of town. I love most type of music, mostly harder music, and my primary weapon are drums. I have been playng for only three years but have learned most of the skills. Nature and the human form are the most popular things for me to draw, when i have the time. Updates


o what an itch to have and have someone scratch it for me
but the urge never goes away is only pleased for a while and is restlesss the next moment

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