Bambina Chatterjee

Rookie (30June / Secundrabad)

Biography of Bambina Chatterjee

a content person by nature, who loves to see poems in everything I come across, who loves the divine Lord and thank him for his wonderful creation of the earth and the things in them...
and I always believe that
Life is a blessing, and when you live with Gratitude you will turn all impossible things to possible... Remember and say these 3 words every single time when you feel the touch and realise you are alive and are blessed Thank you Thank you Thank you.... Its truly indeed an amazing feeling...
Favorite Quotations and always believe
A Child is like a butterfly in the wind, Some can fly higher than others,
But each one flies the best it can. Why compare one against the other?
Each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful.

Bambina Chatterjee's Works:

Nothing as yet till Sept 2012 Updates

Wishes Come True

I was asked tell me what is your dearest wish?
Instantly the answer was to go back to my school days.
To my lovely friends and thank them
They have always made me a Rock Star…
We sang we played; we enjoyed every moment with gladness
And were always special to each other with no any sadness
I pray and wish that those days of life never would have ended
I would want to gratefully to all who befriended me
Thank all especially those of whom who really loved me

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