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1. পথ ভুলে (Forgotten Path) - Language (Bengali) 6/2/2018
2. আমার স্বর্গ (My Heaven)language- Bengali 6/20/2018
3. ভোরের পাখী (The Bird At Dawn)- Language: Bengali 6/25/2018
4. তুমি আসবে (You Will Be Here)- Language: Bengali (Scribed In Roman Alphabet) 11/1/2018
5. Pretence Makes My Day 12/3/2018
6. রামধনূর সাত রঙ (Seven Colours Of The Rainbow)- Language: Bengali 12/18/2018
7. ইচ্ছে করে - Language: Bengali 3/25/2019
8. এবারে চুপ করো (Now Hold Your Tongue)- Language: Bengali 2/12/2019
9. Sandcastles 3/7/2019
10. স্বপ্নের নীড় (Sanctuary In My Dream) - Language: Bengali 8/3/2018
11. A Perfect World (Celebrating Father's Day) 6/14/2018
12. ফিরে এলো (Back Again) - Poem In Bengali 5/21/2018
13. Metamorphosis 4/23/2018
14. Shopping Can Be Uplifting! 4/24/2018
15. Another Morning 6/30/2018
16. An Oasis We Have Reached 7/2/2018
17. Mornings Sublime 7/9/2018
18. Dreamed A Dream 5/22/2018
19. সেই চিঠি (That Letter) Language - Bengali 4/3/2018
20. Niskriti - Translation From Rabindranath Tagore 6/2/2018
21. My Elfin Krishna 11/1/2018
22. Pictures We Carry In Our Mind 12/9/2018
23. I Write! 7/28/2018
24. The Perfect Moment 4/20/2018
25. No More Time 7/9/2018
26. পূর্ণ আমি (My Life Is Complete)- Language: Bengali (Scribed In Roman Alphabet) 8/6/2018
27. Like A Peacock 8/16/2018
28. আলো আমার (Light In My Eyes) : Language - Bengali (Scribed In Roman Alphabet) 8/16/2018
29. Dream Children 4/9/2018
30. Witness 4/7/2018
31. On My Birthday 5/20/2018
32. Yellow Curtain 5/27/2018
33. A Confession 4/27/2018
34. A Mystery 3/31/2018

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  • Subhas Chandra Chakra Subhas Chandra Chakra (4/9/2018 8:02:00 AM)

    Please carry on writing dear Poetess, you write so pretty. You create a mist of love through your words so well.
    I wish you a long, long journey with us on this site.

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Best Poem of banamala sen

A Mystery

I can never stop loving you - that's the problem!

Not in Summer, not in Winter,

Not in Sun, not in Snow,


Can you stop loving me?

Many many months ago, many many years ago,

Blossomed a feeling, and the feeling grew,

Without any reason.

It just grew and grew - nobody knew

Until one day it shocked its owners!

What do I do with this feeling?

It does not leave me, although it should,

It does not allow me to rest, although I need rest.

So, I am handing it to you,

and ...

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After each time I speak to you, I feel like singing,

Or dancing in the rain.

What is this feeling?  Do I understand?

Do not feel sad for me at all,

Why do you feel sad for someone who experiences this incredible sensation?

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