Barak Al'Mondia

Rookie (10th July 1983 / Nairobi)

Biography of Barak Al'Mondia

Barak Al’Mondia was born on 10 July 1983, the third child (before his brother George and after his sisters Kate and Sally) of Walter and Esther Aloo.

He is a Law student at the Catholic University and one of the leaders of the Down To Earth Teens’ Ministry at Parklands Baptist Church. His current interests are: Poetry, Sound Engineering, Music with Socket and Hue- the Band, Teaching, Composing, and completing His studies.

Barak Al’Mondia is amongst the founding members of the group Wordeep and has been a member of the said ministry since 1997. He has been instrumental in the mentorship of many upcoming artistes and a composer for others, which earned him the titles 'Rhyme Architect & The Village Poet.' Updates

Piece Of Cake

i look at her an silently i know the fate,
of the black forest strawberry cake as she pulls the plate,
closer to her beautiful self.
gently... more so delicately she holds the fork
and i cant take my eyes off-
her immaculate fingers as they tighten on the fork's shaft,
with necessary force she drives the fork into the cake- she smiles to herself.
i look as she brings it closer to her mouth-
a series of events unfold:

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