Barbara Attaway

Rookie (Beaumont, Texas, USA)

Biography of Barbara Attaway

I come from southeast Texas and a big family of poets. Daddy wrote songs and Mother wrote poetry. My brother was a gifted musician and my sister writes beautiful poetry, short stories, and books. I had a great-grandfather who was a song-and-dance man in vaudeville. I feel I am the lesser talent of all of them, but owe them at least my attempt at something along the same line. I do love poetry...I use it to document days and memorable moments in my life. I hope you will enjoy my efforts. Updates

Red Plums Wild

To preserve this day, I pick red plums wild
Within my soul, I dream a while
A vision ancient, to me smiles
Of plums growing wild in thickets dark
There for taking by man or lark
Beside running water where beavers bark
I hear the drums for miles

Smoke signals lifting high in sky

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