Barbara Curtis

Biography of Barbara Curtis

I have never written poetry before but woke at 3am on 19/9/2012 with two poems buzzing round my head. These words wouldn't go away nor let me sleep so I had no option but to get out of bed and write the words down. I wrote HOPE first followed by PERFECTION, I have written others since but I can't make it happen the words need to come to me. I carry a note book with me now because the words come in at odd times. I hope this continues because I have thoroughly enjoyed tapping into this creative side of me that I didn't know existed. Updates


There are fairies in my garden
And I know that it's true
I see them on the spider web
And in the morning dew.

There are fairies in my garden
Why not come and take a look
You'll see them in amongst the mint
And sat on buttercups.

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