Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Rookie (New York City)

Biography of Barbara F. Lefcowitz

I've published nine poetry collections, listed below, and am now working on a New & Selected collection, which I hope to publish as an e-book. Tentative title is 'Combing the Rain.' Have also published fiction and essays, won writing fellowships and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Maryland Arts Council and individual journals. A native New Yorker, I now live in Bethesda, MD.

Barbara F. Lefcowitz's Works:

A Risk of Green, The Wild Piano, Shadows & Goatbones, The Minarets of Vienna, A Hand of Stars, The Queen of Lost Baggage, The Politics of Snow, Photo Bomb Red Chair,
The Blue Train to America. Updates


Aunt Lorraine was singing Ramona,
slightly off-key but with feeling,
as they used to say, and Uncle Jules
was playing Gershwin on an old upright,
concentrating so hard his face looked down,
creased as if he were in pain, and the women
kept gossiping, complaining about their
hot flashes, comparing face creams,
the men loudly arguing politics or sports,

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