Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Rookie (New York City)

Barbara F. Lefcowitz Poems

1. The Balloons 10/4/2009
2. Melancholy Baby 10/4/2009
3. The Event 10/4/2009
4. Silver Linings 10/4/2009
5. Jukebox 10/5/2009
6. Night Music 10/5/2009
7. Green Rock 10/5/2009
8. Embankment 10/5/2009
9. Singing Partners 10/5/2009
10. Cloud City 10/5/2009
11. Custodian Of Wild Moments 10/5/2009
12. Volvic Bottle 10/5/2009
13. Rejkyavik Sunset 10/2/2009
14. Beads Of Fire 10/2/2009
15. My Runaway Glasses 10/3/2009
16. Fountain 10/3/2009
17. Black-Eyed Susans 10/4/2009
18. Ramona 10/4/2009
19. Paris, Late 10/4/2009
20. April Guest 10/4/2009

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Best Poem of Barbara F. Lefcowitz

April Guest

Summer has arrived too early,
before I’ve even set the table.

It does not apologize. I offer it a drink,
a stack of magazines, but it’s in a
chatty mood, follows me to the kitchen

and warns about the perils of cutting
garlic and onions in full sunlight

tells me a joke about the slashed bagel
that rushed to the ER. I pretend
to laugh, suggest that summer

fold the napkins, count the spoons and forks
but it keeps talking, the noisiest time of the year

with all those raucous bar-be-cues and squealing kids,
acrobatics applauded by ...

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Black-Eyed Susans

I need only admire the vivid yellows
when I drive past fields of black-eyed susans
their stems intertwined
to keep each other from falling
in the autumn wind
but can’t stop myself from thinking
of abused women
huddled in outdoor shelters
until they stiffen in the first frost

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