Barbara Haskell

Biography of Barbara Haskell

I'm 55 years old and my spirit finds this incredible! My spirit yearns to do much, but this body won't cooperate. I'm disabled due to chronic pain from a back injury and a previously fractured neck. I have a plate in my neck with 4 screws, but I don't set off airport alarms. I home school my 15 yr. old grandson and love to read and write. I've used my writing to help me cope with my life changes due to the injuries. I hope my poetry touches you in some way.

Barbara Haskell's Works:

I've had ten poems published in ten different anthologies. Updates

In A Loved One's Face

We hurry and we scurry,
stressing other's and ourselves,
speeding through life,
as if it were a race,
never taking time to see God,
in a loved one's face.