Barbara Swanson

Rookie (9-1-86 / TUPELO)

Biography of Barbara Swanson

i am a 18 year old girl who lives with her mother. my mother has kept me a love this long so i am so thank for here all she has done. i have died on her several time but she never give up on me when i was raped she was there to tell me it was not my faul Updates

My Best Friend

you were always here for me when i needed you the most
when that man raped you told me it was not my fault
you told that you love me and that he would pay
now that part of my life it gone, but the pain is still there
even now youhlod me and tell me
baby you are safe now no harm can come
momma's here for you now lets calm down
even when my firswt love came alone you told baby be careful........
when you break up he will break your heart keep your head held high

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