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41. No Reason To Stay 6/15/2007
42. Yeast Excrement Consumption Gone Bad 6/15/2007
43. Deja Vu 6/15/2007
44. Til Death Did His Part 7/11/2007
45. Originality: Fallacy 7/30/2007
46. General Solitary Rants 7/30/2007
47. Fifteen And Flying 8/7/2007
48. Death To Genetics 8/29/2007
49. Lover, Departed 8/29/2007
50. Contams In This Batch 8/29/2007
51. Until The End Of Twenty-Two 8/30/2007
52. Dignified Death Rhyme 9/6/2007
53. An Elegy For A Felony 1/24/2007
54. Very Seldom Is It Just One 1/3/2007
55. Learning To Walk 1/3/2007
56. Sleeping On A Tablecloth 1/3/2007
57. Charlotte's Web: A Rapture Tale 1/4/2007
58. Still Blank With Words 3/6/2007
59. Rabies In My Palm 5/17/2007

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  • Delilah Miller (4/13/2007 11:39:00 AM)

    All my life, pple have been telling me I'm perceptive. They tell me I'm smart; it's obvisous to me no matter what I do, I could always do better. And you...I've seen the best of my age. My favorite is 'Very Seldom is it Just One'. Anyway, I hope you always keep writing and setting the bar alwas higher. I know I'll see your name on a bookshelf someday

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  • Bobby DeGore (2/11/2007 9:21:00 PM)

    Charlotte I have just read some of the most wonderful words my eyes have ever seen. You are a far more advanced writer than I... Kudos to you Love!

Best Poem of Barlot ...

Rabies In My Palm

Ah the moonlit melodies
And cliche connections of words
It's murder to think in such fancy ink
But never to record...
So, I sailed all seven of the seas
And rolled my pants above my knees
If you please...I believe there's a term-
Pirate...(one day I'll learn) .
For now I am just wrinkling
The twinkling stars call my number
But the slumber of sleep keeps it's grasp on me.
The medication and swollen joints weigh down
The burden of gravity is unwillingly found.
Alas! One could only guess my words 'fore now
They all wonder how my eleventh finger ...

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Speaking Of Captivity

I pacify the pain with a midnight stroll-
The significant pain of growing old
Growing up
Growing out
Learning what life is really about-
The struggle of being nothing
While wanting everything.
Mortality is just mediocre-

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