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Barry Blander Poems

1. On The Road To Damascus (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
2. The Roses 3/18/2012
3. Mother Of God 3/18/2012
4. Look Up, Oh Look Up 3/18/2012
5. Christmas Morn 3/18/2012
6. Lazarus 3/18/2012
7. Ascending Jacob's Ladder 3/18/2012
8. Clochette (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
9. Naiad (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
10. Covenant (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
11. On Calvary (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
12. Prayer 3/18/2012
13. The Blind Man's Witness (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
14. Devoted To Thee 3/18/2012
15. The Adulterous Woman (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
16. The Samaritan Woman (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
17. Leo Woman 9/8/2012
18. Torn 9/8/2012
19. Forest Hymns 9/8/2012
20. Ten Thousand Miles 9/8/2012
21. All So Blue 9/8/2012
22. Noemi 9/8/2012
23. Mourning Clothes 9/8/2012
24. Light Of Day, Long-Lost Day 9/8/2012
25. Bridge Of Dreams 9/8/2012
26. Hollywood 9/8/2012
27. Brief Sketch 9/8/2012
28. New York Serenade 9/8/2012
29. A Moon So Pale 9/8/2012
30. A Late March Night - (For Cheryl) 3/3/2013
31. Please Don'T Say Goodby 11/11/2012
32. Throne Of God (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
33. Flight Of Doves 3/18/2012
34. Pain (A Sonnet) - For My Dear Friend, Albert 3/18/2012
35. The Prodigal Son (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
36. Capricorn Woman 9/8/2012
37. Sunset (A Sonnet) 4/22/2012
38. The Baptism Of Jesus (A Sonnet) 3/18/2012
39. Promise 3/18/2012
40. Palm Sunday 3/18/2012

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Best Poem of Barry Blander

The Last Mile

Here I sit, late at night, bones languish.
But I know somewhere, your voice melodiously peals, morning church bells
I wonder, will it ever end, this dolorous anguish
But I glance at your face in my heart, and know that therein your indomitable spirit dwells.

I long to be swept away in your riptides of desire
But am fearful to climb the next rung on the ladder
Afraid of falling when you could wing me ever so much higher
And on my cell window, rain beats steadily, pitter-patter.

How can I endure this smothering dark, this incessant pain?
You are nearer to me ...

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On Calvary (A Sonnet)

Nailed to splintered wood of the Sacred Cross
Your fathomless eyes wept a sea of blood
Each falling tear weaving a dance of loss
The world, now virgin, out of earth-swept flood;
Sitting meekly upon a donkey's colt
Hours before, You were proclaimed Lord and King
While stars in a sky seared by lightning bolt
Slept until sun and moon began to sing
Your furrowed brow blemished by Crown of Thorn

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