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Barry Jablonski was born in Missouri. He grew up in many different states but calls Oklahoma and Florida home. Barry started writing poetry at the age of 16. Later on, inspired by a longtime friend, his first serious poem Dreams was written. It wasn't until forty years later that all his life experience would help him to create Dreams of A Poet Vol.1, his first book. Dreams of A Poet: My Best Dreams, are the collected works of Barry Jablonski.

Barry Jablonski's Works:

Dreams of a Poet Volume 1
Dreams of a Poet Volume 2
Dreams of a Poet Volume 3
Dreams of a Poet: My Best Dreams

All books available at in Kindle or printed book format. Updates

The Letter

Trust in yourself and do what’s right
Stand up for those unable to fight
Protect the weak, from the strong
And you’ll end up where you belong

When the others turn their heads away
Stand up and face your fears each day
A coward will die a thousand deaths…
While the hero takes his final breaths

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